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Lux Golden Rose Awards

The Lux Golden Rose Awards have become an iconic symbol of celebrating the beauty, style, glamour and achievement of the most beautiful women in Bollywood. In its second edition, the Lux Golden Rose Awards will celebrate the divas who are redefining beauty.
Lux believes that…
Beauty is not just her looks, glamour and grace…
Beauty is her courage to pursue a never played before role,
Beauty is her confidence and self-belief to choose to play a role out of her comfort zone,
Beauty is the days of hard work that goes into perfecting her every act
Beauty is her perseverance to slip into the heart of every character
Beauty is in the breaking of barriers – doing roles that challenge stereotypes
Her beauty is more than you can see
And Lux Golden Rose Awards celebrates the many hidden facets of behind-the-scenes beauty that Bollywood divas epitomize every day.